Keep Your Pet Healthy

In our last two newsletters, we broke down your pet's wellness care into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. Looking after pets can be overwhelming, especially with so much conflicting information out there. We recommend establishing a regular routine and setting up a reminder system to make it as easy as possible.

You can read the entire two-part article here and here, but here's a short sample to get you started:

Daily: Spending quality time with your pet seems like a no-brainer, but when our lives get busy, it's easy to feed and forget, especially with cats! The predominant myth is that cats need less attention than dogs, but that's not true. Take your pets for a walk, play fetch or catch the feather toy, or simply sit on the couch and tell them about your day. Petting your cat or dog is good for everyone's health and it gives you a chance to monitor their health by checking for lumps, tangles, and funny odors. Besides, after an exhausting day, there's nothing more soothing than a purring cat on your lap or listening to the happy sound of a wagging tail.

Weekly: If you've brought your pet to us before then our doctors will have talked to you about brushing your pet's teeth. Oral health is important! Periodontal disease is all too common and it can cause serious illnesses. What's frustrating is that it's super easy to prevent. Give us a call anytime if you'd like to find out how you can start brushing your pet's teeth. You can also watch our How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth video featuring our very own Chris the super tech and Robbie the wonder dog.

Monthly: Fleas are everywhere! And with our gorgeous year-round California weather, all pets (even indoor-only ones) need a monthly flea preventative. Not only will you repel fleas and prevent an infestation, you're also protecting your pet from icky things like tapeworms, dermatitis, and haemobartonellosis. Make sure to only use a brand that's recommended by veterinary professionals. Just give us a call to see which one is best for your pet.

Find out what else you can do to keep your pet healthy by reading the rest of our two-part article here and here, If you'd like to subscribe to our newsletter for more health tips, you can sign up here.