Rainy Weather Tips

It's raining in California! While we have umbrellas and jackets to protect us from the weather, consider the following tips and activities to help your pet stay happy and safe:

  • For timid dogs who won't go outside when it's raining, use positive reinforcement to reassure them that there's nothing to be afraid of. Walk them in a sheltered area or use an umbrella so they can do their business in comfort. 
  • Help outdoor cats stay warm and dry. If they don't have access to a garage or shed, consider making them a DIY shelter. It's easy and affordable. Just cut a hole out of a large styrofoam box or Rubbermaid storage bin. Line the interior with loose insulation material that can dry quickly and hold in warmth.
  • Keep indoor cats and dogs from going stir crazy by hiding treats and toys around the house. Introduce new games into their daily schedule like playing fetch down the hallway or chase the string over the couch.

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Happy 2017! We're looking forward to an amazing year with all of you!