Tips for Flea Control




  • Just because you don't see them, it doesn't mean they aren't there. Fleas tend to stay deep in your pet's coat where they are difficult to detect. They are also tiny and they move really fast.
  • Even strictly indoor pets can get fleas. Fleas are teeny tiny and can easily sneak into any home with a likely host.
  • Fleas can live dormant in the environment for up to a year. They will hatch when exposed to light and vibration.
  • Not every pet is allergic to flea bites. That is why you'll see varied reactions from one pet to another. Unfortunately, if you pet is allergic to flea bites it only takes one bite to start a huge reaction.
  • Fleas can be deadly. If a pet is extremely infested with fleas they can become anemic and die. This is especially risky with very young and very old pets.


  • Flea allergies will make a pet extremely itchy and uncomfortable. It they go untreated, the constant scratching can lead to staff infections, hair loss and a miserable pet.
  • Treatment may include anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, and/or medicated shampoos.
  • Treatment will definitely include flea preventative medication.


  • There are so many options out there! Be cautious to always purchase the appropriate strength according to your pet's weight.
  • Never put a flea product on a cat unless it's specifically labeled for felines. Cats are very sensitive to many flea products and can become very ill. If your cat seems to be reacting to a topical flea product, bathe it and then bring it immediately to your vet.
  • We recommend Cheristin (a topical medication) or Comfortis (an oral medication) for cats.
  • For dogs we recommend Comfortis (controls fleas), Nexgard (controls fleas and ticks) or Trifexis (controls fleas, heartworm and many intestinal parasites) depending on your pet's needs. All of these are oral medications.
  • All pets in the household should be treated monthly, and we recommend year long flea control here in the Bay Area due to our temperate climate.
  • Good Sam is selling FLEA BUNDLES through the end of August. Buy a one year supply and save 15%. Call our office for more information (510)357-8574.


  • If there are fleas on the pets, there are fleas in the environment.
  • We highly recommend treating your house and yard to get a handle on the flea population.
  • We recommend using Knockout Spray or Fleas Busters powder in the home. Vacuum first, and re-treat at least one time, 7 to 10 days after the initial treatment. You may need to re-treat several times depending on the severity of your infestation.
  • For the yard, we recommend using a yard & kennel spray, or hiring a professional exterminating company. Again, re-treat at least one time.