Fire Saftey for Pets - Have a Plan


Did you know that an estimated 500,000 pets are affected each year by home fires? Also, the National Fire Protection Association estimates about 1,000 house fires are accidentally started by family pets each year. Here are some fire safety tips for you and your pets: 

  • Make sure to extinguish any open flames that are unattended. Pets are curious and will want to investigate candles, fireplaces, and especially cooking appliances.

  • Remove stove knobs or cover them when leaving the house. Pets like to explore when you aren't home and the stove top is very interesting to them.

  • Consider flameless candles, especially if you have cats. They are notorious for flicking their tails over lit candles.

  • Use metal or ceramic dishes outside, especially on a wood deck. The sun's rays filtered through a glass container can heat up and ignite.

  • Young puppies should be secured in a safe area when left home alone.

  • If you don't have a pet door, be sure to keep your pets in areas near entrances where firefighters can easily find them.

  • Practice escape routes with your pets. Be sure that leashes and carriers are easily accessible and that you have a plan.

  • Consider using a monitored smoke detection service as an added layer of protection. These smoke detectors are connected to a monitoring center and can help save pets when they're home alone.

  • Affix a pet alert window cling to your front window. These stickers tell firefighters how many of what types of pets are in the house and can save them critical time. We have these available here at Good Sam. Just come on by and ask a receptionist!