8 Things Service Pet Handlers Would Like the Public to Know

It's nearing the end of International Assistance Dog Week. If you're subscribed to our newsletter, you'll have seen our write-up on what service pet handers would like the public to know. 

Here's an excerpt:

  1. My Service Pet is working. When you see my partner and I out and about, please understand that she's doing vital work for me, even if she doesn't appear to be working to you. Please don't distract her from her job.
  2. Not all service pets are the same. Service pets come in all shapes and sizes. They cannot be identified by sight alone. Please don't judge!
  3. My service pet is loved. Please don't feel sorry for my pet because he has to work all the time. He is incredibly loved and does enjoy time off. He is very well taken care of and he's better off than some pets because he's well-adjusted, highly trained and well socialized.


You can read the rest here!

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